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Dolls VS two Butts

Gina and Lady B tortures two Dolls. First she clean her Shoes
with it and she spitting in the face on the Dolls. Later she
crushes they under her Butts.
Running Time: 14min

Price: 13.80€

Doll carriages and Doll under merciless Ass

Lady B crush a Doll carriages under her sweet Ass. She crush
it under body weight.The doll are inside the pram , lady B crush it too.
Running Time 9,49min

Price: 8.70€

Poor Doll on the office Chair

Lady B crush a doll on her office Chair. She torture the
poor Doll with her sweet ass, sit on it again and again.
Running Time:4,41min

Price: 4.20€

Inflatable jumping Horse destruction

Lady B finds a jumping Horse. She sit on it and jumping arround. But she more fun to destroy the horse. She take a glass bottle and destroy it on the ground. Now there are many sharpness shards. She ride with poor horse over the shards again and agin, until comes air out. Now she take the neck of the broken bottle and destroy the horse completely with it.
Running Time 7,23min

Price: 7.00€

Inflatable jumping Ball destruction

Lady B finds a small jumping ball. She sit on it and jumping arround. But she more fun to destroy the ball with her Heels. She step on it with her sharpness heels and destroy the ball.
Running Time 2,52

Price: 2.30€

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